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"Sometimes the people with the greatest potential often

"Sometimes the people with the greatest
  potential often take the longest to find        their path because their sensitivity is a       double edged sword- it lives at the              heart of their brillance, but it also             makes them more susceptible to life's           pains. good thing we aren't being              penalized for handing in our                     purpose late. the soul doesn't know             a thing about deadlines."


seafoam* 3 years ago
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This is so gorgeous, speaks to me on a personal level, and is something I'd love to hear from someone instead of prying, judgmental questions.
As silly as it sounds, I've been having a Hogwarts House identity crisis because of my lack of risk taking/ambition as far as education and careers go but I haven't really given myself a chance and I have to remember that there's more to being a Slytherin than one characteristic (just as Hufflepuffs aren't simply ''kind'') and though it doesn't feel like much, I /am/ doing something with my time. I'm not wasting it. And there's so much of it left.
Thank you for posting this.
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nicolešŸŒ¹* 3 years ago
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funny you should comment. to be totally honest this reminded me of something you would say
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