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TheBroCode Chapter07 I was waiting for the weekend to come so


I was waiting for the weekend to come so I could visit Sarah. I havent seen her this whole month, she was still 
at the hosptial. Her father reported that she was doing well but he doesnt know when she was coming out.
Prom was coming less than three weeks, and I didnt know if she was going to attend anymore, especially
I used her for a bet, a stupid one.
I was driving alone, heading the hospital. I was hoping that she was going to be happy to see me, but 
again I wouldnt be happy to see me if I was used for a bet. 
I had questions all over my head, Sarah please be okay. The prom didnt matter to me anymore, If I could
spend more time with her i'll be okay. Everything will be okay.
I approached to the hospital, I never been here and her father told me that her room was 202 and visitors hours
were 2pm-3:30pm. I came early so I can spend every minute with Sarah.
"Right this way." The nurse said, he opened the door and I saw Sarah.
She didnt look sick, she looked fine. But I know that wont last any time sooner. But, deep down she looked beautiful.
"Tim." She said while turning around. My heart stopped, it always have been when I was with her.
"Tim, what are you doing here?" Sarah said, she didnt sound mad, happy or anything. She sound hurt, painfully,
and there was nothing I could do about it.
"Sarah,You look beautiful." When I said that she took off her wig, 
"Its a wig."
"You still look perfect."
She smiled at my comment, she was bald, but it made her cute.
"May I ask? How long?"
"Happened when I was 13, we thought it went away but they said it was going to kick in when I am 17."
I looked at her, and sat down touching her hands.
"Sarah, I am so sorry about what happnened. I didnt know I was going to fall in love with you. If I knew
I wouldnt have used you for a bet, it was a dare that my friends made. But each day I fall in love with you and I cannot
help that. The minute you got into my car the first time, the minute you walked away , me waiting for your dad to open the door,
seeing you smile while you wait for me at 3pm. Sarah, I love you. And Im such an as***** for treating you like this." I said,
noticing tears appearing , I was too emotional.
"I love you too Tim. What are we going to do?"
I looked at her forreal this time, Im going to restart our relationship and treat her like a queen she is.
"Im still taking you to prom."


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