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here'our story.  7.7.14. 
it all began on the morning of July 7th, 2014. I was attending my Freshman Orientation for college at Rowan University in NJ.  Along with my friend, my soon to be Freshman Year roommate, we went to meet up with a friend of ours that we met earlier that summer. Little did I know, he would be bringing along his roommate, but I'm getting ahead of myself. So I text him and say lets meet up by Willow, which is where we were staying that night and so we met up between Willow Hall and the basketball courts. I see my friend walking over and I also see another boy with him, who looked.. nerdy and wierd. I thought hm, I wonder who this boy is. So finally we meet up and my friend goes, this is my roommate for the night, Zach and I was like hello, my name is Nicole. We all begin to walk over to sign in and then start our orientation day activities, involving a bunch of tours, lectures and boring stuff. We all got talking as the day progressed and we met up with a few other people as well. A few hours later, Zach says to me, hey let's go to my room for a bit and skip the tours and the lectures, noone will notice, and they are boring anyways. Hesitant, I was like sure, but I don't want to get in trouble. We head to his room, just the two of us, pretending we needed to get something. We begin to just hang out and I remember he went to sit on his bed and then I sat down as well. We got to talking and suddenly I thought to myself, he's gonna kiss me. I got extremely nervous and went to the floor and amused myself with all of the stickers on his laptop cover. He eventually came over to me and I felt him leaning in to kiss me again. So the nervous wreck I was, began to talk a lot. I also made a big mistake by saying, hey lets go back to the tours, we don't want to get in trouble. So he agreed and we did. We hung out pretty much the rest of the day at orientation. He even put his arm around me at some of the lectures and then held my hand as we were walking places. It felt like we were dating even though we just met a few hours ago. Anyways, fast forward to the night time, we were all hanging out in the boys room after we were all set free for the night from all the tours and lectures. It was Zach, his roommate(my friend), their third roommate, my roommate, my roommate's friend and I all hanging out in a Freshman dorm that was ideally meant for 2 people but had 3 beds for the night. We were all hanging out until the wee hours of the night and we all suddenly got tired, and I said to my roommate, hey we should head back but then we didn't. I don't remember exactly the situation, but all I remember is I stayed in Zach's bed with him that night. We just slept by each other's sides while everyone else did their own thing. It became super hot(there was no air conditioning and there was 6 people crammed into a small room in the middle of summer). The next morning we wrapped up activities, and I met his mom and dad. We all did some shopping but then it was time to head home. Oh i forgot to mention, Zach lived in Connecticut, 3 hours from school. We exchanged phone numbers, skype names, snapchat names and everything else necessary so that we could continue to talk that summer. After an entire summer of skyping daily for hours on end, we began our Freshman year of college together. Now, we are half way through our junior year of college, just over two and a half years together. and that's the story about how I met the love of my life.


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