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The man on TV says, This is the big one, folks. The man says,

The man on TV says, This is the big one, folks. The man 
says, Call your mother and say

goodbye. To save themselves, thousands of people jump 
to the bottom of a river and turn 

into fish. Fish survive devastation. Fish don’t worry about
whether they’re loved. What does 

it mean to “end” anyway? To be a person and then a body. 
To be a city and then a ruin. Maybe

someone should give this world the Heimlich. Maybe it’ll 
cough up all the good people it 

swallowed and choked on too soon. I think the birds are
in mourning. I think the trees feel

sorry for us. Too bad about all that skin covering all those
little bones. Too bad about that noise

emanating from the heart, untranslatable and strange. How
does the song go? Something about

feeling fine. I put a note in your pocket that said: CALL

You never got there.

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