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Exerpt from my prayer journal: As for God, His way is Perfect;

Exerpt from my prayer journal: 
As for God, His way is Perfect;
The word of the Lord is Flawless.
He is a sheild for all who take refuge in him. 
-Psalm 18:30-
Dear Lord,
Your ways truly are Perfect. Help me to be Strong in your ways so that others may see/experiance you through me. 
Thank you for accepting and loving me for who I am, even though I sin. 
Help me also to be faithful to the man I love. 
I will admit it hasnt been easy, and Ive failed a few times.
Help me to Cleave only to him and no other man. 
Help me to keep my temper, and guard my mouth agianst evil.(psalm 141:3)
I know i have a tendancy to say things that i shouldn't  and that is not at all what you teach us.
Thank you for the precious Gift of your son Jesus, and for the blessings you give me everyday.
<3 em


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