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I want that, "Baby I love you more" , kinda love. The

I want that,

"Baby I love you more" , kinda love. The "you're the only one that I adore", love.
That, "I'll always be here for you", love. Or, "I'll always support whatever you do", love.
What about, "I want you to hold me tight", love. "You're the only one I want tonight", love.
Maybe, "I can't wait to start our chapter", love.
Baby, "I want our happily ever after", love. But mostly I want that, "I will always love you no matter what", "I'm gonna stay faithful and true", love.
"My heart only has room for you", love. "You're my soulmate", kinda love. "Lets get married, I can't wait", love.

Yeah ; That love.


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