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Remember when you told me I was "so cold". I laughed

Remember when you told me I was "so cold". I laughed in your face, and you got fired up. I didn't realise it at first, but you'd kept it in for a while. It all came out that day. You said I treated you differently from other guys. I'm "nice and sweet" to others, but when it's you, I treat you badly. I said I was sorry...after putting the blame on you "You should be happy. It means we're close!" It was a lame excuse and you saw right through me. "Then what do I have to do for you to stop being like this with me?" I laughed again at that. I always laugh when I have nothing to say. It's childish. "I'm sorry, I'll be good to you. I like being close with you." "You always take so long to reply to my texts. You always choose your girl friends over me. You don't take me seriously at all." "I'm like that with everyone, I never reply to texts-" "Do you even like me?" Of course I do. You were trying to make me slip up. We were both getting heated up. I wished you would have ended it at that. We could have made up after that. But you went on. "I love you." I wish you hadn't said that, at least not yet.

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