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While I was taking off my clothes, I felt the cloud. I took off

While I was taking off my clothes, I felt the cloud. I took off my shirt and my socks and got in shower. When I was in the shower, I felt the cloud getting closer. I know it wanted to drown me. It made me want it to. I felt you behind me and it was like a knife...its blade made me shiver. I put my face in the water and my heart was breaking and I saw myself when I looked at the bottom of the tub and I watched the water go down the drain and I turned into darkness...like a liquid cloud...and I mixed with the water...and I turned gray...and I washed away down the drain...and I wanted it. The cloud made me remember the first time it came...and every time it came...and I realized I dont know who I am. And now I never will. I will never get the chance. I gave up knowing myself alone...to always be with you...but thats not why I cried. I felt so exposed when you looked at me and I hated it... and I hate that I hated it..because every time you look at me I just want to feel loved...but the cloud made me feel like everything is wrong. The cloud makes me think that I should be the darkness and turn into gray and wash down the drain...and it makes me want to never get out of bed or brush my hair and it makes my eyes red and it makes my throat hurt and it makes my heart break and I cant breathe… and really I dont know why...and it sometimes goes away….and then it always comes back. It doesnt make sense but thats what it feels like when I feel the cloud....it wraps me up in its blanket to keep me close so no one else can touch me… and when someone else does...it feels like the knife.......and this is my life.

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