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Do you know why its probably so hard for either of us to just

Do you know why its probably so hard for either of us to just stop coming on here and moving the hell on? I feel like Im the only person youve gave your heart too, only person you really know how to love. With me, youre the only person that I ever gave my all too. Never held any part of me back because I loved you more than life. More than the ocean. More than sunflowers. More than my peach candies. You gave me that love story type of love. Type of need. Type of want. Even when Jon tells me he loves me, even when he takes me to the beach, even when we do anything; something in the back of my mind always tells me it doesnt feel right. Is this so hard because were the only thing we ever knew? I just dont understand why its still so hard. Why I think of you so damn much. Still wonder. I just dont get why youre still holding on, honestly. I get you loved me; but after how much I hurt you I dont get it. Think we need to see counselors. (6:48 pm on sat)

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