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Can you name a song for every letter of the alphabet? A - "Absolute

Can you name a song for every letter of the alphabet?
A - "Absolute Zero" -Stone Sour
B - "Battle Born" -Five Finger Death Punch
C - "Coming Undone" -KoRn
D - "Diamond Eyes" -Shinedown
E - "Eyeless" -Slipknot
F - "Fade To Black" -Metallica
G - "Getting Away With Murder" -Papa Roach
H - "Hold Me Now" -Red
I - "Inside It's Raining" -Art Of Dying
J - "Jekyll And Hyde" -Five Finger Death Punch
K - "Kidnap The Sandy Claws" -KoRn
L - "Love Song" -KoRn
M - "Made Of Scars" Papa Roach
N - "Never Too Late" -Three Days Grace
O - "One Thousand Apologies" -Demon Hunter
P - "Public Enemy No. 1" -Megadeth
Q - "Question Everything" -Five Finger Death Punch
R - "Ride The Lightning" -Metallica
S - "Shallow Bay" -Breaking Benjamin
T - "Through Glass" -Stone Sour
U - "Unity" -Shinedown
V - "Vendetta" -Slipknot
W - "Word So Cold" -Mudvayne
X - "XIX" -Slipknot
Y - "You're Mine" -Disturbed
Z - "Zombie" -We As Human

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