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I've decided I don't like you. You were nice enough to

I've decided I don't like you. You were nice enough to keep me interested, but I keep seeing cracks of your personality seep through, bad aspects. No ones perfect but I have to acknowledge the red flags ahead of time. So I've decided I don't like you. It was cute when you held doors open for me, watched over me and lent me a helping hand. I never asked for it and it was kind of you. We shared smiles and we made each other laugh. You're super tall and have super broad shoulders. Your face is a ten too. But I can't overlook some things. You seem to have a short temper. You took it out on your friend. I noticed it and you smiled over, tried to make it seem like nothing was going on. I couldn't reciprocate the smile this time. We all have bad days. But you can't let bad days make you a bad person for that day. You were really cool in my eyes before that.

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