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You lost this match. -Poem by Christine Vega Feeling lost and

You lost this match.
    -Poem by Christine Vega    

Feeling lost and broken
All the words left unspoken
I'm broken and bruised
I'm an old toy; I am used.
I don't want to affect you.
I don't need to take the blame.
But when pain comes like the flu.
And you're stuck feeling blue.
Don't come back to me; you're unwanted.
You're not forgiven, and when your bleeding
I'll turn away.
But now nobody is falling for your games.
You are a fool. I'm no longer tool.
I see how you are; Where the darkness lies.
Deep within, inches under the skin
Pathetic sneaks in. Weakness stands and shouts.
When your on the ground you'll ask me where am I now
But I'm not coming back, that is a fact!
I see right through your dumb little acts!!
Press X - Y - Z
Leave it to me, get through round 3
I never meant to you what you meant me,
But that's okay cause I now see through the screen!
You lost this match, I won't take it all back
Take yourself home, where you are alone. 
You betrayed the only person who cared about you.
Now nobody is left, one day you'll know the feeling of
being broken and bruised.
Lost and confused, with nothing to do.
I'd wish the best to you, but the best thing you had was me.
And I no longer want you! 

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