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I remember this was my second witty account I can't believe

I remember this was my second witty account 
I can't believe I made it in 2012, I had one at least 
a year before this one. i still didn't realise it was so long ago
I used this website to vent and learn about feelings
I used to feel like I was worthless and would never 
amount to anything or would have hurt myself and not
get to experince a full life. I was 13.

I'm turning 20 this year.
I am surrounded by more love than I ever knew existed.
I have so many hopes and ambitions for my future.
I'm still filled with fear, but mostly anticipation.
I hope young girls like me who use this site the way I did
hold on and wait.
I know it's tough.
I send you all my love, becuase I have so much to give now
and I want you to keep going because there is so much out there,
as scary as that sounds.
and it is all so worth living for and experiencing.

I don't think I ever got to express what this website was for me for a few years 
My early adolescence was spent editing html codes and expressing myself here

Thank you for listening



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musicure 1 year ago
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this is beautiful
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