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~TO: Ninja12haha ~i highly doubt youre gonna give this a look,

~TO: Ninja12haha
~i highly doubt youre gonna give this a look, but it's worth a shot.
~Taking this shot will be worth it if what you feel is no longer felt anymore.
~it's likely to come back, that feeling, but just talking to you for that hour or so...I can kind of relate to what youre feeling...
~I've never listened to XXXTENTACION before, but Changes being the first song i listen to by him because of you, thanks for that. it's a really great song, but whats not great is that you feel like crap and labels mean nothing to me. But i'll forever remember it was a stranger that introduced it to me. "Emos" arent the only ones that go through this. I know, because i have friends , my age, below, and even older that have gone through really terrible things and have felt really crappy about themselves. 
~But they've made it. They're still here. They have felt unloved so many times, but just 1 person helped. And truthfully, you dont need multiple people crowding around you giving you love. 1 person is enough, at least to me. 
~Please dont ever do what you wanted to do that will hurt others.
~I am a victim and i hate it.
~as i told you before, i wanted to too just yesterday, but im still here.
~it's worth fighting, please trust me on this!!
~FROM: Mixy23 

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