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Dear Stranger who saved my life, I don't really know why

Dear Stranger who saved my life,
   I don't really know why you did what you did. Your girls were late to dance class because of me, and I'm sorry. I wish there was a way to tell you. Sometimes I hate that you saved me. But there's no way to tell you. Most times I am really thankful that you stepped in that day. And I'd love to tell you in person.
But all that I know about you is that you have two patient daughters and a phone that can dial 911. You have a light blue Ford Focus and a caring heart. I wish I knew even just your name, so I could message you on Facebook. But I can't.
There is good in this world that you showed me in the most real way, but I don't know who or where you are. Somewhere you're out there. And I thank you.


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