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6.10.18 Me 12:23 AM its just hard to believe it's only been


Me 12:23 AM

its just hard to believe it's only been a flippin month

Canadian Babe❤ 12:24 AM
how long does it feel like

Me 12:25 AM
more than 1 month..maybe just a few more?
Me 12:25 AM
but i know we only started talking again back in april so
Canadian Babe❤ 12:25 AM

Me 12:26 AM
ah thats so weird
Canadian Babe❤ 12:26 AM 

Me 12:33 AM
i had a crush on you a year ago. We barely talked, but i still knew i liked you. One sudden day, we're both on and talking again and you tell me you like me, i couldn't believe it. I take it as a joke, so i wont get hurt. You weren't kdding and i felt bad..i was scared too..i tell gayatri everything from the year before and to now, because i didnt know who else to tell.. My virtual childhood crush is my real life boyfriend today. Still never met him irl, but its pretty weird and amazing at the same time
Canadian Babe❤ 12:34 AM 
u know if u woulda told me a year ago couldve been sooner

Me 12:37 AM
yeahhhhhhhh but yknow telling you i liked you online, was like the same thing as me telling someone i liked them in person. i was scared

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