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It always comes out of nowhere. am i really the type to be touched

It always comes out of nowhere. am i really the type to be touched so easily? it wasn't much. i know that far. we met at our bus stop, but i seem to have already taken a liking to you. why am i like this...i guess i just like having crushes. after 2 years in the same course, you introduced yourself for the first time after an exam. i normally don't like small talk, but it came easily to me then. you complimented me, looked up my bus route for me, and assured me that i'll do fine. our meeting came out of nowhere, but it was a welcome surprise.  I was supposed to see you the same time a few days after, i was worried you would leave first. But there you were, but i don't know what it was. I was just too afraid to approach first. You looked busy on your phone,  and i didn't want to interrupt. i also didn't want you getting the wrong idea and there were too many people around. yeah, i came up with a million excuses to not walk over and say hi. It's frustrating for me too, but i'm always like this. i just hope my first impression sticks and you don't think i'm cold.


Dudu* 4 months ago
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i like him still
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Dudu* 1 year ago
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5 yrs later we meet again. friends now :)
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