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What is Palestine? Is it recognized? Not on the map! I will tell

What is Palestine? Is it recognized? Not on the map! I will tell you about Palestine:

Palestine is a state founded by  Canaanite Arabs, they were the first who live in it,

and therefore Palestine belongs to the Arabs ... Palestine does not deny that the

children of Israel lived in it, they inhabited it after Arabs. Some world says Israel

was the first to possess it. Go to history before opening your mouth. They say they

are Israelis, but in fact they are from Europe or America, and if we examined their

DNA, we would know their origins well .. The strange thing is that Israel was created

in 1948 after the killing of the Palestinians and occuping their lands. Thousands of

Palestinians have been attacked recently, and Islamic sanctities have been violated.

The world has not seen what Israel has done, but when Gaza sent missiles for the

purpose of defense, the Palestinians were accused of being criminals.   I want to

laugh from world's behavior. They laugh as if we are stupid, but in fact they are the

idiots. You are human with brains, not animals. Think!!!!!! Palestine welcomes

everyone from all over the world who wants to live in it. But you cannot steal lands

and encroach on others. I met people from America who came to Palestine to live in it.

Welcome to them and they became one of us.

Israel is surrounded by Arab countries. Wow! A big miracle! It has Arab buildings like

those in Lebanon, Jordan and Syria. Israel has Arabic food .. Where is the history of

Israel I don’t see it? Where are the historical monuments? The Dome of the Rock

represents a deep history and has Arabic inscriptions on it Jerusalem is Arab

buildings, Arabic writings on buildings, olive trees, Arab neighborhood names, Arabic

food ... everything is Arabic (history will ensure that you know everything about

Jerusalem and Palestine as well).


永久* 2 years ago
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Right now, it's not even about the countries anymore. It's about humanity. Isr*el is inhumanely killing innocent Palestinians, and that's WRONG! Countries fight all the time, but the way isr*el is doing it is illegal.
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☞Eman☜* 2 years ago
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Thank you for supporting us and our rights♥️♥️♥️😘
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