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didn't you notice when my "friends" all sat at

didn't you notice when my "friends" all sat at another table?
didn't you notice when i had to hold back tears?
if not then, then when? when will you ever notice?
why is it so easy for you to ignore me?


☞Eman☜* 2 years ago
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Since I was young and my father always tells me therev are no friends.There is just you.Look after yourself and care about your education.
He is right.
what i want to do now is to get the first one on medicine college to kill them.
It is hard to find real friends..No problem they lost us not us
. keep going as mountains.
I am the same like you
I am happy to be honest that I have no friends. All my doctors love me and thats enough.
my time will still mine and this encourages me to be more successful..
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Dudu* 2 years ago
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i wish my parents could encourage me like that. i am happy with my close friends, just wish parents could be better.
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