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What's up with your hair? You seriously need a tan. OMG you

What's up with your hair?
You seriously need a tan.
OMG you really need to shop at Hollister.

I roll my eyes and walk away.
This girl won't stop criticizing my style.
I decide to walk home,
so I don't have to talk to people.
When I get home,
I change into sweatpants,
and put on my sister's makeup.
I look even uglier.
Just then my whole house shook.
I fell onto the rug,
and couldn't get up.
When I woke up,
it was dark.
I heard a cat screech,
and cold wind blew at my face from my window.
I looked around.
My head was spinning,
I felt like I couldn't breathe.
What was happening?
Just then a woman opened my bedroom door,
and light spread into my room.
Wake up, Sasha! You have a big day today!
I stared at the woman.
She took me into the hall,
but it didn't look like my hall.
Everything was fancy.
Probably what that girl's house looked like.
She led me into another room,
where trays of food were being served.
What is this? I asked.
Why this is your dining hall! Since you've became a famous model, you have lots of money.
Famous model?
Yes! In fact you are on today's front cover!

She held up a magazine with my face on it.
Then everything became dizzy.
I fainted.
I woke up to see that snobby girl helping me up.
Are you okay?
What happened?
You just fainted after I showed you your picture on the latest magazine.
Wait what?
Yeah aren't you a famous model, Sasha?

She laughed. 
C'mon! I'll take you home.
I smiled.
The girl had never acted this nice to me.
I felt pretty cool,
but everything was still confusing.

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