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Love is powerful. It has crossed oceans, climbed mountains,

ove is powerful.

It has crossed oceans, climbed mountains,
it has
traveled through snowstorms and death,
and tragedy. It has forced its way
through the cracks in jail cells and it has
strong in the winds of hurricanes. Love has
given mothers the strength to lift cars for
babies, the strength for two people, man or
woman to fight everything and everyone to
be together. Love is the most powerful force
on the face of this Earth. It is strong, and it
makes strong. Love is so strong, you cannot
hold it alone - love takes two.                <3


laxforlife 1 decade ago
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that is reeeeaaalllyyy good! I hope you know that! probably one of my favorite quotes on witty profiles! :]
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xmaryyx 1 decade ago
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Today, I was on and I saw a quote rated 69. I favorited it so it would make me less uncomfortable. It worked. MLIA.

xD Sorry! But it really was rated 69 and I had to make that MLIA-thingy, it was a given! xD But I really do like the quote so I am favoriting it *clicks favorite* :)
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