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For Someone-I wrote it. x3 I love you more than life its self.

For Someone-I wrote it. x3

I love you more than life its self.
Which is scary for me because I never felt this way.
I hate feeling like this but yet I wonít leave you.
You are like a drug and Iím addicted to it.
You voice has a power over me.
I hate when you leave me.
I hate when you lie.
I hate when you donít say I love you.
Even tho half the time I donít think you mean it.
Your love for me is only there when youíre lonely or hurt and
Have no one else.
But yet my love is always there.
No matter how much youíve hurt me or
How much you will hurt me I just canít say no.
Iím useless with or without you so why not just deal with the pain
And have someone then have no pain and no you.
I want to cry half the time I get done talking to you.
When you do say I love you itís more like good bye.
Every night I think of a reason to wake up in the morning
And it always is because Iíll get to talk to you but when I
Donít I feel so empty inside.
ĎI live for a guy that doesnít even care.í
That is my thought each and every moment of everyday.
My heart is dying for you to come back and say
ĎI love youí and mean every word of it.

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