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H e l i e d ; b r o k e m y h e a r t ; & m a d e m e c

                                                H e     l i e d ; 
                                       b r o k e    m y   h e a r t
                                                   &    m a d e    m e    c r y
                                                                                      and after all he's done to me, 
                                                                          s      a    d     l     y

                                I Still Love Him



xoxblondy4life 1 decade ago
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i can totally relate
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erinnelxo13 1 decade ago
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story of my life.
cute quote though:)
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missy9 1 decade ago
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I lovee this! It explains me! this quote is my favoritee (:
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xoreardonxo24 1 decade ago
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does that quote like explain you ? because if it is, we need to talk. i pretty much feel the same way =/
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