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There’s a place that I’ve found As far as I can see

There’s  a  place  that  I’ve  found
As     far    as     I        can      see
This         place        lies       within
The   --depths--  of    my   dreams
In      a       garden       surrounded
By           fire         and         trees
Through - the smoke a     silhouette
I         can            barely        see

There’s    a   man   with   an     axe
Standing         in the              rain
Looked  me   straight   in  the  eyes
This      is what   he    had to    say
Never              fall              asleep

You wont wake up

Escape the Fate-My Apocalypse


EspyTheSoul 8 years ago
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I have listened to this song about 20 times in a row. I'm addicted. I can't stop listening.
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xdisenchantedx 1 decade ago
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I loveeeeeeee escape the fate!! good job :)
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babycakesx911 1 decade ago
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i love this band. love this song.
"never fall asleep
you wont wake up
destroy the guillotine
before he does
i walk with shadows
you have to find a better way
i walk with shadows
the questions i will never say
hiding from the gallows"
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