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I love you More than Dr who and the Cybermen more Than a the

                                 I love you                      More than
                               Dr who and the             Cybermen more
                             Than a the fact              that you always 
                            Break my heart I love you more than hot.
                            Chocolate topped Marshmallows,,,I love
                            You more than Bonnie loved clyde.I love 
                             You more than the flower loves sun ,I love
                              You more than you love me,,,I love you
                               more than Bee loves honey,I love you
                                 more than gangster loves his bling
                                  I love you more than words can--
                                    say,I love more than women ---
                                     loves diamonds,i love you
                                      more than dog loves to-
                                        bark,i love you more 
                                          than she says she
                                          says she do infact
                                          I love almost as
                                                Much as 
                                                  I love

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