6am Quotes

Don't cry because you know 
that his love has slipped away.
Because he used to be a boy who
watched the sun rise every day.
One morning I sat with him
and I was entirely in awe.
But the boy had viewed it so
much that 6 six a.m. was all he saw.
You are a brilliant sunrise, with
your darkness-breaking light.
I know he has forgotten days without
you are cold and long dark nights.
He cannot see your beauty,
he has taken you for granted;
but that doesn't mean you have
failed to leave others enchanted.
You deserve love from someone who
will appreciate how you always rise again.
I hope he regrets ever coming to see you
as just another six a.m.

Me: i swear to pianos if i stay up til 6a.m watching MMDs on YouTube, playing LoL, and sitting on tumblr staring at fanart one more f-cking time dont know what ill do

Me: lol who am kidding ill probably just do it again


hahaah so much fuss waking up siblings in the morning and them all girls jesus so much effort -.-
Two am. I'll go to sleep now.
Three am. Giving directions then i'll sleep.
Six am. Is that light?
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