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Alphabet of Me
[A]vailable? Always.
[B]irthday? Aug.
[C]rush? Nope.
[D]rink you last had? Water.
[E]asiest person to talk to? IDK tbh.
[F]avorite genre of music? Again idk lol.
[G]ummy bears or gummy worms? Gummy Bears.
[H]ad your first kiss? Nope.
[I]nstrument? Don't play any.
[J]uice? Apple.
[K]illed? No.
[L]ongest Trip? Southampton proably.. not far tbh.
[M]ilkshake Flavor? Strawberry.
[N]umber of Siblings? One.
[O]ne wish? To be happy.
[P]erson who holds the best memories with you? Old friends.
[Q]uiet or loud? Both in different ways.
[R]easons to smile? KJ Apa.
[S]ong? Broken Strings.
[T]ime you woke up? 8:30am.
[U]mbrella? Okay?
[V]egetable?  Carrot.
[W]arm at the moment? Yes.
[X]-rays you've had? Mouth.
[Y]our favorite animal? Dolphin.
[Z]odic Sign? Leo.

A- Age: 18.
B- Biggestc Fear: death .
- Current Time: 20:35.
D- Drink you last had: Water.
E- Easiest Person To Talk to: Claire/Kelli.
F- Favorite Song: Broken Strings.
 G- Grossest Memory: I don't know to be honest.
 H- Hometown: Jersey.
I- In love with : Celebs.
J- Jealous Of: People who eat a lot and don't
get fat.

K- Killed Someone? No.
L- Longest Relationship: 0 years and 0 days.
 M- Middle Name: Ann.
N- Naughtiest memory : Again I don't know.
O- One Wish: To lose weight.
 P- Person who called you last: Dad.
Q- Question you're always asked: How are you?
 R- Reason to smile: Family.
S- Song you last sang: 21 - Hunter Hayes.
T- Time you woke up: 10 something.
 U- Underwear Color: Black
V- Vacation Destination: Canada/New Zealand
W- Worst Habit: Being late for everything.
X- Xrays you've had: Mouth.
Y- Your favorite food: Bacon/Pasta.
Z- Zodiac Sign: Leo.

got from facebook.

ALPHABET OF ME (i don't care how silly it is)

[A]vailable: Yes, but don't bother.
[B]irthday: June 24th

[C]rush: No, only famous people who have no idea of my exsistance,
[D]rink you last had: diet mt. dew... it's addicting.
[E]asiest person to talk to: Madison, Brianna, my mom, and Ma-Ma.

[F]avorite genre of music: If I had to pick one... alternative.
[G]ummy bears or gummy worms: GUMMY BEARS (duh)
[H]ad your first kiss: We had to go there?
[I]nstrument: Little piano, and I'm learning guitar this summer. Singing if you count that.
[J]uice: White grape(yes I'm that particular)
[K]illed someone: Only in my head, it helps.
[L]ongest trip: one week, to many different places.
[M]ilkshake flavor: if we're talking simple vanilla, but lord have you had a butterfinger milkshake?
]umber of siblings: 3
[O]ne wish: To be a millionaire (pffft yeah right)
[P]erson who holds the best memories with you: My closest friends and family.
[Q]uiet or loud: that depends on who you are.
[R]easons to smile: Friends, family, pets, video games, youtubers, umm... a lot.
[S]ong: ohhh... Say My Name/Cry Me A River- The Neighbourhood & I'll Make a Man Out of You- Mulan.

[T]ime you woke up: 5:45 ugggh school.
[U]mbrella: :( I don't have one.
[W]arm at the moment: It feels pretty nice in my room at the moment.
[X]-rays you've had: More than most people :L
[Y]our favorite animal: Cats, boarder collies, and owls.
[Z]odiac sign: Cancer, and I'm literally the exact definiton of a Cancer.
30 day challenge

1. 15 facts about you  2. Initials of the person you love 3. Your closest friends  4. The thing you most fear  5. The saddest moment in your life 
6.Favorite sport 7. Favorite song 8. Your deepest secret 9. First impression of the guy you like now 10. Last time you cried 11. Thing closest to your heart 12. When you hear this song you cry 13. Place you wanna visit badly 14. Favorite book 15. Favorite animal 16. Favorite show 17. Last time someone hurt you 18. The story behind your life 19. Person who scares you the most 20. Last major injury 21. Favorite youtube video 22. Phone type 23. Biggest confession 24. Last break up 25. Last heart break 26. The day you regret the most 27. First friend 28. Favorite drink 
29. A letter to someone in your family 30. A letter to a friend

Stolen from: WouldYouGoDownWithMe


A - Available? Single as a pringle
B - Birthday? October 5
C - Crushing on? No one
D - Drink you last had? Water
E - Easiest person to talk to? I guess my mom
F - Favorite song? Therapy- All Time Low
G - Gummy bears or gummy worms? GUMMY BEARS! STEVE! :D
H - Hometown? Chicago, IL
I - In love with? My wifey Robyn
J - Jealous of? My lil bro's innocence
K - Killed someone? No
L - Longest car ride? Dunno
M - Milkshake flavor? Vinalla
N - Number of siblings? 2 lil bros
O - One wish? That life didn't have to suck so bad...
P - Person you texted last? Robyn :3 on her b-day
Q - Question you are always asked? 'How's homework going?"
R - Reason to smile? Music, family
S - Song you last listened to? I'm Not Okay, I Promise- MCR cover by Patty Walters sooo goood *-*
T - Time you woke up? 10ish
U - Underwear color? Pink leapord print
V - Violent moment you had? I throw stuff if I'm Really angery so
W - Worst habit? Being lazy af
X - X-rays you had? A few on my stomach searching for one of those spacer thingys I swallowed during a dentist appoinment when I was maybe.. 6? & I got a full body scan for when I got hit by the car.
Y - Yoyos are? Cool if you know how to use them
Z - Zodiac sign? Libra and proud

Survey time! :D

[A]vailable: Forever & Always
[B]irthday: June 16
[C]rush: mmmaybe...
[D]rink you last had: water
[E]asiest person to talk to: internet frands
[F]avorite genre of music: rock/ rock subgenres
[G]ummy bears or gummy worms: both
[H]ad your first kiss: nope.
[I]nstrument: voice?
[J]uice: mango nectar 0_0
[K]illed someone: in my head
[L]ongest trip: to sacramentoo 
[M]ilkshake flavor: chocolate
[N]umber of siblings: 2 older brothers
[O]ne wish: for more wishes
[P]erson who holds the best memories with you: i dont know. probs my oldbest friend (i miss you val)
[Q]uiet or loud: Quiet. Until you get to know me. I am very loud once you get to know me. Give me a chance, eh?
[R]easons to smile: music. internet friendsss
[S]ong: nope nope nope i cannot answer this
[T]ime you woke up: 5:27 am
[U]mbrella: under my umbrella -ella -ella -eh eh eh 
[V]egetable: i am not discriminating against vegetables ur so cruel
[W]arm at the moment: wh
[X]-rays you've had: ankle
[Y]our favorite animal: CATS, WOLVES, ETCCCCC
[Z]odiac sign: 
Teacher: Why are you excited for Halloween?
Everyone: Stealing candy from my younger sibling.

Is anybody else obessesed with the bachelorette??? 
When I was a kid I used to sing:




ABC's about me
A - Available?
Yes... but i wish i wasnt...
B - Bestfriend?
Natalia, Kayli, Alysaa, MY CELLA, and Maddie
C - Crushing on?
....... well its more than a crush
D - Drink you last had?
E - Easiest person to talk to?
Nobody... maybe like Maddie i guess
F - Favorite song?
F*ckin' Perfect ~P!nk
G - Gummy bears or gummy worms?
H - homework tonight?
I - In love with?
..... rather not say becuz its still him...
J - Jealous of?
K - Killed someone?
L - Longest car ride?
3 days
M - Milkshake flavor?
N - Next place are you going?
My b-day party with family
O - One wish?
To be happy
P - Person you texted last?
Q - Question you are always asked?
"Whats wrong?" or "Why wont u tell me?"
R - Reason to smile/laugh?
Shane dawson (youtube) friends, chickens
S - Song you last listened to?
Angel with a shotgun by The Cab
U - Underwear color?
Purple... why do u ask
V - Violent moment you had recently?
punched someone for hugging me without asking permission to touch me ... ya im that crazy
W - Worst habit?
biting my nails
X - X-rays you had?
Y - Yoyos are?
stupid becuz i cant work them
Z - Zodiac sign?
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