Accident Quotes

i never scream. but i did, high and loud. what have i done. i am a monster.
CHEATING is NOT an accident... falling off a bike is an accident!
If I ever get into an accident and crack my head open and I end up with a scar on my forehead then I'm changing my name to Harriet Potter. 
so, I almost died tonight. I don't think
I would have been too disappointed about
it, though. everyone else was freaking out,
and I'm just kinda p.issed that I still have to
deal with all this bulls.hit. I could have at 
least gotten hurt enough to miss school
for the next few days.

Today me and my sister almost got into a car accident on our way to school. We ended up hydroplaning. We are both okay though.
I just want to say THANK YOU to our big brother for looking over us and keeping us safe!!! We love you so much!!
the other day my boyfriend flipped
my ranger. so I have a bruised collarbone
and across my legs because of the seatbelt.
this is not the first bruise I've gotten since I've
been with him. it's sad when you have to swear
to people that your boyfriend isn't hurting you,
and you're just two really clumsy people that
the universe hates.

Imagine getting a tattoo and hearing the tattoo artist going like "oops."
If you have your license, listen
the f.uck up. STOP SIGNS ARE

I have had my car for three days,

and I have already been ran off the
road because some ignorant p.rick
couldn't be bothered to stop at a stop
sign. I was inches from wrecking into
the a.sshole, and the only thing that
prevented it was driving into a ditch.

Let me paint a picture for you; the guy
was pulling out of a house at the top
of this hill. He clearly could have seen
us (my sister and I) coming while he
was going down said hill (the stop sign
being at the bottom.) We both were
getting closer to the point where the
road on the hill meets the road we were
on, and I was getting nervous. Mainly
because I just don't trust people and 
I'm always paranoid someone is going
to pull out in front of me. However, I tried
to brush off the nerves because he had
a stop sign so we had nothing to worry 
about, right? (lol wrong.) The idiot just
drives in front of us. Slamming on the
breaks wasn't that effective so we had
to swerve into a ditch to avoid hitting
this moron. The amount of rage that
went through me was unbelievable,
I seriosuly wanted to get out of the
ditch as soon as possible and run
the f.ucker down. 

Again, stop signs are there for 
a good f.ucking reason.

When you tell the truths 
to so many people, that you want
them to accept for who you are or
you just want to talk to them. All they
do is just block you on everything and lies to you
about everything for making you to believe
what they are saying. Then all of these things
get into your head asking yourself "Why am
i so worthless that im not good enough to be
like by them." This been happening to me to a lot of people. 
So i thought in my mind that i wanted
to do someting to myself.

3 hours ago 

I got into really bad car accident that I drove
way too fast for the condition. The road were
pretty snowy outside with about roughly 20 mph
wind. There wasnt any cars around. I driving around
55 mph. I lost control of the car about 400 feets then

started flipped over twice and landed on the tires
with the back window is missing, the hood is
bent a lot and multiple pieces of the car were torn off. 
The reason I did it because i wanted to kill myself or hurt myself. 
I was put into Emergency Room with no injuries. So i failed at it. 



when you stretch and your inner po/rn star moan comes out by accident

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