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I'm tolerable a solid 35% of the time.
and I'm okay with that.. although, it has
drastically dropped. maaan, I used to be
so chill. no I have like.. 35% chill.
I was on my way back from the deli when Mama by MCR started playing. Now, my location on here says amish country and it is dead serious. In my area, there is pretty much Christians, Menonites, and Amish (except teenagers, then we got quite a few atheists.) Anyway, there were a group of menonites walking on the road (in case y'all don't know, menonites are like.. modern amish.. or that's what I like to call it. they drive cars and have electricity. but still extremely religious. they have coverings vs bonnets but city people still call menonites amish because they can't tell the difference. idk I get "a what??" when I mention menonites a lot so yeah. I spent a lot of my childhood in a menonite church, which yknow is actually quite close to the deli I was talking about.. and the deli is/was menonite owned.) I happened to drive past them at the part of the song that goes "we all go to hell" and well I just found that to be distasteful timing.
I'm attracted to chaos, attracted to rage.
And I might offend you
7F0CB487 add my bbm
My life suddenly became their novel, they want to analyze me, summarize me, but guess what? I just added a new chapter called "You ain't seen nothing yet:)

Sometimes it's the beautiful things in life
That we ignore completley because we're too involved in our own problems..
Christpoher seemed to have schizophrenia
r seemed to have ADHD
iglet seemed to have anxiety
Pooh see
med to have an eating disorder
yore seemed to have depression
Rabbit seemed to
 have OCD
 we all learned to love them
Hey in a minute I will be 1 minute older than I was a minute ago
                          Mind blown
Talk to me on kik C; Brandon_rox123
that split second where you think that an add is a quote and you're just like "where is this going"
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