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We understand that buying or selling a home is more than just a transaction: it’s a life-changing experience. 

Take a step back and forget about your heart for a second and think with  your mind

No matter how you feel, dress up, and never give up. - unknown.

Being in Love with two people is the worst. Because you have to choose, and no matter what someone is always hurt... You never know which one really loves you back, which one you have a beautiful future with, which one is right.. Because to you they are both perfect. So you sit and break your own heart.

Well I havent been on here in 7 years... so let's talk about time. So much has gone on in these 7 years, and now as a 19 year old supposed to be adult, its so easy to look back and be nostalgic. Tumuluous years of mental illness has made these 7 year much harder, my friends... but in the big picture 7 years is only a little chunck. Time is youre clay that you, as the artist, can mold. Well, I guess there is no stopping or manipulating time. What I mean to say is what occurs durring time. That is what can be molded. We are our own gods in some way, and in the end of the day its up to us to determine what will happen in the time we share. I've gone through much in my past 7 years since being an avid member on Witty, but i know i still have so much more time to improve myself and my life and in the end of the day that can only bring hope. I hope everyone has had ateast one smile and or laugh today(:
If you meet somebody and your heart pounds, your hands shake, your knees go weak, that’s not the one. When you meet your ‘soul mate’ you’ll feel calm. No anxiety, no agitation.

To say a person is a happy person or an unhappy person is ridiculous. We are a thousand different kinds of people every hour.
Love can come when you’re already who you are, when you’re filled with you. Not when you look to someone else to fill the empty space.

You’re not really an adult at all. You’re just a tall child holding a beer, having a conversation you don’t understand.


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