Advice Quotes

~I truly don't know what you want me to do. You're no good for me, but I still f*cking love you. He's too good for me, I don't deserve him.~
~I really thought it was easy to just leave. I really thought it was easy to just stop. I really thought it was easy to quit loving you. i really thought it was easy.~
~~The fact that I am new to this information and positive treatment is kind of sad to realize how I am not used to this...because i've never been treated this way before~~
~Quit it, you're making me blush. You're too kind and sweet. Ugh, you're my favorite candy! I can't get enough of you.~
I always love to dress up, but I usually end up in a leather jacket and boots!

- Bella Hadid
​     When your life seems bad, either go play video games, or remember        somebody else has it worse.
Praise Not
The One
Who Leaves
You Broken
Down And

lyrics re written
from A Perfect Cirlces
song Judith
~The text I expected the least made me smile the most. Especially when I couldn't in the moment, on my own or from a certain someone~
I cant look at you the same anymore
              If outside validation is your only source of nourishment, you will hunger for the 
resT oF your LIFe.

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