Akabadpoetry Quotes

knees knocking on consoles
floorboards creaking
the padding of your feet sounds like
an earthquake at four in the morning

but laughter at dawn sounds quiet
somehow it blends 
with the hues of the sky
and it weaves itself into the beginning of the rest of your life

loss isn't something you've experienced yet
your old apartment burnt to a husk
but you haven't burned like that yet
not yet, not yet

you watch the sunrises and the sunsets
and know the clouds like the backs of your palms
they remind you of yourself
always moving, changing, but clouds nonetheless

the ocean is something you've never seen
but you can hear it 
in the shells your friends bring back for you
distance, you think, is the greatest gift

suddenly, you're on fire,
you've never been on fire before
the ocean can't save you
and distance, you find, is a burden

sometimes, your eyes still burn 
and you have to clutch the pillow
because it's the only way you can sleep
when you're alone, alone, alone

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