Amazingphil Quotes

*On Twitter*
Phil: I have been hiccupping for 7 hours. Should I call the ambulence? 
Dan: Omg I can hear you through the wall go lock your self in the toilet 

Danisnotonfire: If you were locked up in prison, how would you escape? 
AmazingPhil: I would eat my own feet. 
Phil's channel trailer: Get Your Phil of Amazing
Me: Omfg the point is to persuade people that your channel is cool, not that you're a middle-aged dad stuck in the 90's and in denial about life.
"Its a good thing to be strange. Normalness leads to sadness."
~Phil Lester

"Oh, sweet Jesus
on a stick!"


format credit to OneDirection

"What's your Favorite Beyoné?"

- Phil Lester
"Phil is not on fire 2" |Amazing Phil & Danisnotonfire

The fantastic foursome is like a band but with less music and more gay.
I really wanna be a Youtuber.
I'm gonna do it.
All I'll need is clear skin.
A camera.
A laptop.
And a personality.

So Dan and Phil played High School Musical songs on their radio show the other day.

Hey, you like Dan and Phil?
Come check out the gifs on my profile ;)
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