Animation Quotes

now the day bleeds
into nightfall
 you have hurricanes
inside of you

storms turn at your command


when the the night is cloudy
there is still a light that shines on me

shine until tomorrow
let it be

I hate it when people say,
"I want the old CN back!"

WHAT THE HECK? CN is doig amazing! They have great shows and the best music.
『 I was watching an animation on YouTube about a bunch of people getting on a train, and they all had little stars with them. After the train would stop, a person would get off to be met by someone waiting at the train stop, their stars would then light up & they'd walk away together. (The person waiting for them being their significant other.) Anyway, more and more people got off until it was just one girl. She then noticed the train was heading for a cliff. The train fell down, she died, and I guess never found her match. There were no words but it was very moving.』
So, I decided to look up some
old Disney movies I personally
loved as a kid, and like... wth
everyone was hating on
The Black Cauldron. Well,
either hating on it or they never
even heard of it. Like, what?
The complaints were mainly 
about animation and how 
creepy it was, like oh you do
know it was made in '85, right?
and as for creepy? Well, idk
what to say to that because
yeah it was pretty dark and twisty
but I was a kid so who knows.
But like it's so weird because I
still quote it all the time, I almost
named my pig Hen Wen actually,
and Gurgi was the s.hit. So 
sorry but your taste in movies
suck if you hated it, and like 
idk I'm really shocked at how
many people never actually
even heard of it. 

& why do all my quotes end up 
turning into rants? lol whoops.


Edna Mode is on Google today! ^_^

Google Search I'm Feeling Lucky


What's your favourite disney movie?

mine is Mulan.
People: writing isn't ART
People: digital art isn't ART
People: photography isn't ART
People: video-making isn't ART
People: animation isn't ART
People: music isn't ART
People: theater isn't ART
Me: if I paint the Mona Lisa with your blood would that be ART
Watching animated movies at age 2: Hell yeah mother fllucker!
Watching animated movies at age 12: Hell yeah mother fllucker!
Watching animated movies at age 20: Hell yeah mother fllucker!
Watching animated movies at age 200: Hell yeah mother fllucker!

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