Annoyed Quotes

What will it take to regain my sanity?
Will I ever gain my sense of direction?
When someone brings up past stuff in a arguement and it don't even relate to the arguement 😒
I just don't think people understand how something so little can matter so much to someone else
so stop being shallow minded and quick judging
because you're not the only person in this world. 
anytime I would go to my room instead of staying out in the living room with my family, they would b.itch. to the point where now I feel extremely guilty if I am in my room when my mom is home. now, everyone is literally doing the same thing. my sister is constantly in her room. my mom is in her room on her laptop, and if she isn't she is on it while in the living room to the point of not acknowledging anyone else's existence. yet no one says anything. yet it is so horrible when I'm in my room. it's so lovely.
I hate it when only one earbud works.
Now I'm stuck listening to half the world
while listening to music.
It's just a mess.


Think About It
I helped you become someone, you never thought you could be. 
But I guess leaving me to fend for my own
and acting like you did it all by yourself,
is your way of thanking me. 

If you truly love me, why do you always hurt me or leave? You like drop off the face of the earth, make me worried, and cry and then all of a sudden, BOOM! You're back, and you act like nothing even happened...I don't know, I'm just lost. Sorry I'm not good enough for you...I'm not good enough for anyone actually...
...I had a REALLY SPIFFY quote to put, but as soon as the page loaded...I FORGOT IT!!! AAHHHHHH!!!
I'm honestly disgusted in the way that some people act, today at the place I work there was a party going on and the family was so disrespectful to the employees and other people. They have a hard time following the rules. I had to be the one to go up and set the rules in place, I walked up to the group of kids very kindly asked them to go back to their room that they could not longer play, they ran in different directions screaming screw you. These were older kids, they should very well know their manors. I was extremly mad that kids could have such disrespect for people, why would a parent raise their child this way. I later learned that the parents were the same exact way...a women walked right passed me looked me in the eyes and dropped her sunflower seed shells on the carpet. She was two feet from a trash can but felt the need to drop her garbage on the floor for me to clean up, people need to be re-taught manors.
Why are some people so immature
I would ask them
But they probably do not even realize they are
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