Annoying Quotes

Stop spamming. Annoying
said that i was better, and yet...?
things are not always what they seem.

That annoying moment when you cant get the eyeshadow on one eye as good as the other

An Open Letter To My Brother's:
You're both annoying and need to shut up

I'm not a mustache... I don't need your lip.

I will never be a second choice

today, I got my fingers tattooed.
not my first tattoos, and I didn't just
jump into it... however, I'm starting to
feel very anxious about it. like, I'll never
be able to look at my fingers and see
blank skin again. never. I crave ink,
yet I have such a problem with
Annoying couples be like:-

Girl:- Honey, I got hurt in my hand :(

Boy:- Aww, poor you. Lemme see -kisses hand-
*after some time*

Boy:- Is it okay now?

Girl:- I'm absolutely fine :)
I can not stand this brat.. Just because our parents are dating does not mean that we're family or that my dad is not yours. You wonder why i don't like you,it's because your annoying and you think your all that and etc.. I'll never like you , so you can try all you want but it won't happen.
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