Antisocial Quotes

Excuse me if i seem a little unimpressed with this,
An anti- social pessimist 
but usually i don't mess with this

you know you're antisocial
when your best friend is a tree
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back into my shell i crawl,
seriously regretting that i had even tried at all.

My interest in having friends is getting less every day.

ain't i so cool

People think being anti-social means you are a lonely person
Wrong. Being anti-social can mean your options of people to hang out with are limited,
and you feel more comfortable being by yourself anyway.
Being anti-social doesn't mean you are lonely
You may prefer to be alone, because you can be yourself
There's no judgment, no pressure
Just because you have a large crowd of friends around you all the time, 
doesn't mean you are happy or that they are happy

The term "social media" is kind of ironic. The amount of time people spend on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, can actually make you become obsessed with it, and obsessed with yourself. If you stay inside all the time, using those sites, and are not actually hanging around people, it can make you less social. No matter how many people you may be interacting with online, its not like they are right there, talking to you, understanding how you really feel. And with online friends, they may not be real friends. You never know if they are going to keep talking to you. So in a way, social media is addictive enough to make people become anti-social....I would rather not talk to people, then talk to completely fake people, who don't care

I'm addicted to the internet.

  This has gotten way out of hand.


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"Close the door!" 

Is probably my most commonly used sentence at home. 

I'm not anti-social, I'm anti-idiots.
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