Anyoneelse Quotes

Does anyone else ever notice that when they post a quote, sometimes other quotes will show up at different times, and it almost seems like the people who've posted those other quotes seem to have maybe built off of what you had posted? O,o

the most annoying thing is when people are unnecessarily rude for absolutely no reason

other than to be quirky and cute and i'm just like buddy if you have to be an àsshole to
be cool then i have news for you

I don't go through peoples pictures on their phone cause I wasn't raised in the jungle


I hate it when you stop being friends with someone

or you break up with someone

because you've got all this information about them

like at the back of your mind like their birthday

or their favorite food or whatever,

and even years later things will come up

 and you'll think about that person

and it's like,oh, 

  so it never really stops

and honestly it really hurts. 


I can't
get over
how much
Tay (WATIC) sounds
like P!nk
in the
beginning of
"Long Live
the Kids"

If i ever tell you that something is my favorite song
don't listen to me, i am a liar
i have more favorite songs than there
are babies in America
I'm not changing myself for you or for anyone else.

When a hott guy gives you a compliment and your so shocked your just like

'hey dont be mean to me"
Do you ever find yourself always doing too much for someone, and getting nothing in return... but still wanting to do things for them?

So does anyone else ever do that thing where they just stop talking to one of their friends and gnore them for like a week or two to see if they notice or even care about you / value your friendship?

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