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Instagram Graphic Content Account Not Being Deleted?
Written By *The_Online_Report* -
A Recently Made Graphic Content Account On Instagram Not Being Stopped?Yes,It Might Sound Hard To Believe Due To The Fact

That So Many Of These Accounts Do End Up Being Deled But That Apparently Isn't Going To Happen.

The User Doesn't Seem To Be Targetting Toward Anyone Specific,On His/Her Bio It States How Many Pictures They Have Been

Direct Messaged But Sadly These Aren't Just Ordinary Pictures They Are Pictures/Videos Of His Victims Self Harming.Many

Have Reported Him And Blocked Him But That Just Wont Do.

Yesterday,Though He Did Get Deleted...You That's A Happy Ending? It's Not,This Is Because After That He Once Again Made A

New Account.Along With This Account Some Fool Came Here With Him And Started Doing The Same Thing.

LUCKILY,Yester day Night A Person Made An Acccount,I Have Decided To Call Him Self-Love,And He Told People To Send Him

Their "Beautiful Wrist",As He Said, And Also Made A Hashtag Called #STOPMRHAPPY3.

So What Do You Think Will Instagram Workers Finally Do Something Or Will People Like Self-Love Have To Stand Up?

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Every time I agree to buy an app, I feel like I'm selling my soul to satin.

apps that shut off your music when you open them,
just how freaking important do you think you are?

anyone know any good app's on the iPhone ? :o
I love how when you delete an
app on a Iphone,all the other
apps get scared and start 
Does anyone know any good apps??
Goes to Facebook Friends' Apps.
First app: Little One Pregnancy Calendar.
I had no idea my friends had so much fun.
when will Apple get a Witty Profiles app? Like really I've been waiting for it ever since I got my iPhone and before that when I have my iPod! It really is time to get an app, fave if you agree!
I love it when you delete an app
on your iPhone and all the other apps
get scared and start shaking.
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