Asdfghjkl Quotes

Some nights I look up at the stars and think about how small the planet is compared to the universe. My home, my city, my country, can't compare to Infinity.
We are so small and unimportant to the universe.
Each star is like a drop of water. Each one insignificant, but these little drops together become the immeasurable ocean.
Just like us in the infinite universe.
So each of you are just as important as every other thing in the world, nothing less.

Random late night thoughts where I should probably be asleep LOL~
And I tried to hold these secrets inside of me
My minds like a deadly disease 

 cocaine, dollar bills, and my happy little pill 

well today im 19 abd my birthday gift was some Lana Del Rey tickets

I can talk to hundreds of people a day
but, none of them can compare to the smile you can give me in a minute

A defiler, driving people mad with miracles. All out war - caused by the public's state-of-mind.

There is nothing 
To be sad about at all..
But the small burn of sunset,
Pulls on my hand.
asdfghjkl cats ;-;
- Wanna play Simon Says?
- Ok, Simon Says make out.
-Hahaha, But that is not the way it is played ...
- Simon Says!
-But that...




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