Assume Quotes

Never assume that because it breathes it is human.
Monsters breathe too.
We assume others show love the same way we do, and if they don't we worry it's not there. 
Over-thinking ruins you.
Ruins the situation, twists
things around, makes you
worry    and    just   makes
everything much worse
than  it  actually  is.

Before you assume, there's this thing called asking.

do u ever associate someone with their icon so much that you just assume that they’re the same gender as their icon or something and then they post a selfie and ur like wait you’re not thomas the tank engine

So today was pretty good actually. Atpfter lunch my friends and I went outside and sat at the picknic table. Went x came out he joined us and sat across the table from me because that was the only open seat. He asked me about eating, I think he is just going to do that everyday now. After a couple of minutes he asked on of my friends to move so he could sit next to me, she didn't move cuz we were talking but he sat next to her. One of my friends brought up the topic of woman crush Wednesday and he was like" I have a woman crush" the funny thing is people don't look at other people if they are embarrassed or secretly referring to someone there, I do it all the time I just can't look at the pesoni am referencing and he didn't look at me, so I'm hoping, just maybe.  Then he and my friend stated fighting about who got to use my ear buds because they had to run a mmile today, x didn't win but it was cute cuz he was like," but we are best friends" but it wasn't in a sappy way and then the two of them fought about who was my best friend I'd was so cute.Then in religion we had to work with partners for questions in the book and x just came up to my desk and asked me were I wanted to sit cuz we move around the room. He didn't ask me he just assumed we were opartne/rs and it made me really happy. In bio we talked a little but we don't really talk as much like just us its more of like a 18 person conversation. After school I went to art club for the first time and x is in it there was no room at the table but he invited me to sit with them anyway. After some upperclassman moved I sat with him and some other of my friends. While I was at dance he texted me about homework which is a daily thing now whether I ask or he asked. I can't wait until Friday cuz its the last football game and we will be hanging out after school :-) 
Don't assume I SELF HARM because I'm DEPRESSED
Dont assume Im DEPRESSED because I HATE MY LIFE
Don't assume I HATE MY LIFE because Im EMO
Dont assume Im EMO because I like POSTHARDCORE
Dont assume I like POSTHARDCORE because I WEAR BRACELETS
Dont assume I WEAR BRACELETS because I SELF HARM
Just don't ASSUME.Period.

We assume
others show love the same we do,  and if they don't, we worry it's not there.
Don't Assume When I'm Mad That I'm On My Period Or When You're Sleeping , I'll Assume You're Dead & Bury You In My Backyard .  
If I'm telling you about someone I like, be it a relative, friend, celebrity, or whatnot, I will never write how amazing I think they are because I am too lazy too. Just assume they're 10 times better than I say.
People with friends suffer from depression.
People that get good grades suffer from depression.
People that don't smoke or do drugs suffer from depression.
People who are funny suffer from depression.
People with a loving family suffer from depression.
People that seem completely average suffer from depression.
People that always smile suffer from depression.
People who are always the one to talk to suffer from depression.
People with a boyfriend or girlfriend suffer from depression.

Never  just assume someone is okay. 

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