Best Away Messages Quotes Ever

Why I don't tell people what

type o
f music I listen to ...


Oh you like Black Veil Brides? Are you emo, do you cut yourself? Do you worship Satan?

You like One Direction? Are you four-years-old? LOL what direction do five gay guys walk in?

Oh you like Ke$ha? What other autotune 'music' do you listen to?

You like Whiz Khalifa? Rap music should be called crap music because that's all they talk about.

You like Ed Sheeran? His music is so boring!

You listen to Taylor Swift? Go home with all the other rednecks and country fans.
do you ever wish you could just unmeet someone
We all carry these things inside that no one else can see.

They hold us down like anchors, they drown us out to sea.




Best talent?

Falling in love with people I can never have, and then crying all alone in my room because I can't have them
Valentine's Day
Made me realize how alone I really am.
Because it hurts watching everyone else 
prance around the school with huge balloons
and life size teddy bears
While I'm holding nothing.
When I was younger I'd

put my arms in my shirt and

told people I lost my arms.

I would restart the video game

whenever I knew was going to


I would sleep with all of my

stuffed animals so none of

them would feel left out.

I had that one pen with six

colors, and tried to push all

the buttons at once.

I poured my soda in a cap

and acted like I was taking


I would wait behind the door

to scare someone, but then

leave cause they were taking

to long or I had to pee..

I would fake sleep so my dad

could carry me to bed.

I used to think the moon

followed my car.

I used to watch those two

drops of rain roll down my

window and pretend its a


I used to follow fruit seeds and

be scared to death that a tree

would grow in my stomach.

Remember when we were

kids and couldn't wait to grow


What were we thinking?

Remember all those names you called me? well, ihurt  to hear them.    When you called me fat i starvemyself. When i was depressed i would cut. I have the scars to remind me of the paiyou caused me. I was scared to wake up each morning and to go to school. I couln't take it anymore.  I hope your happy of what you did to me, and how you made me feel. I'm in a safe place now, away from you. 

God says im going to make a great Angel

Heres to all the people who have been bullied.


Sometimes I like to pretend that everything's alright because
sometimes when everyone else thinks you're fine, you forget for a while that you're not.

10 reasons to die                                                                             10 reasons to live
1.) No one will care                                                                           1.)
2.) No one will notice                                                                        2.)
3.) It's only a matter of time anyways                                                3.)
4.) It's easier than getting up in the morning                                    4.)
5.) I thin I'd be happier                                                                     5.)
6.) I don't deserve to live                                                                  6.)
7.) I want to see if Heaven and Hell are real or not                            7.)
8.) I'm curious to see what happens                                                  8.)
9.) I'd rather be dead than be miserabe while I'm alive                      9.)
10.) I want to                                                                                   10.)
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