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There's nothing to grab anymore so i let go.
probably going to be leaving witty, sorry but found a better site for my age :)
Let me know if you wanna stay in touch

     i learned that      
           LOVE IS DEAD...          
  people just get f×cked instead.


If I told you I loved you would you believe me?
or would the past to be relyed on?
would the pain wash the idea away?
ow could I be so horrible?
hat made me think like that?
why must love be brought with pain and lies?
so many questions
but so little answers

Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”                                                                     — Mary Wilder 

Nothing’s changed. You’ll go home. You’ll be bored. You’ll be ignored. No one will listen to you, really listen to you. You’re too clever and too quiet for them to understand.”

— Neil Gaiman ”


when somebody whos generally nice gets upset over the smallest thing then its probably because theyre fed up of getting walked all over all the time and having their feelings and belongings disregarded by other people so next time someone flips their sh×t because you took a piece of their food without asking or wore a piece of their clothing without permission you should probably apologize instead of saying they have a short temper or theyre too dramatic


i  'm b a a a c c  k  k!  

it's been far too long.

I'm Officially Missing You...
Without being alcohol
Her memories intoxicate me.
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