Awk Quotes

And I'm just sort of lost to be completely honest with you. 
And you ask me how can that be?
And I say
"When you don't know yourself you don't really know much anymore"

*Riding in a friend's car listening to 5 seconds of summer while belting out lyrics*
end 1: You look so perfect standing there!
Friend 2: In my Americ-
dad: Wait what?! UNDERWEAR?
our of us: Ummm uh 
Me: *in my head* sh-t sh-t sh-t
d 1: Umm it's about how even though this girl wears some hideous looking clothes because come on american apparel.. umm she still looks awesome and that no matter what she wears she looks beautiful and the guy just wants to tell her that. The moral of the story is that no matter what girls wear they are still absolutely perfect even with their flaws or bad under garment choices and any guy would fall in love with her despite that. 
Four of us: AMEN! Amen to that!

And tha
t is the story of how we dodged an awkward interrogation and/or a ban from listening to our music from friend's dad.
that awkward moment between birth & death
Well um hello witty(:
i'm new
and I'm bored(:
if you wanna talk or be friends just leave a comment
well.. This is awk coz this us supposed to be a quote but well whatever c:
i'm such an awkward potato lol
Me: So I heard you like bad girls 
And I'm not trying to impress
you or anything but uhm I jaywalk..
Boy: - Lectures me for 1240324
hours about how dangerous jay
walking is.-

                   WAKE ME        UP           WHEN             

                                                                                                                                                [ OH IT ALREADY DID? AWKK.. ]


Okay so two days ago I was walking to my English class
right by it is the teachers bathroom
my English teacher was heading in the bathroom as I passed her to go in the class
she was talking to another teacher
and she said "you have to go to the bathroom?" And the other teacher said "yeah I have to freshen up"
and my teacher said "ohh I have to let out a whole lot of lemonade
- I just cannot even look at her the same.
Not every single thing is awkward. Do you even know what that word means because you have yet to use it properly.

I'm awkward but that's ok

F.ifth grade kickball game. June 2011. I'm the girl with the red shirt with words on it. I was 11. 
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