Awkward Quotes

i was filling out a form and the form asked *what are some of your strengths?* and me being the hilarious comedian i am was like *ohhhh nooo ha ha ha its asking me what my sTrEnGtHs are ahh* expecting her to laugh with me but instead shes like *oh noo haha you can leave it blank*

jesus christ
~Awkward moment:~When he thinks you're tryna play 21 questions but all you know is to ask questions to keep conversation and then he points it out... ~Him: yo is you tryna play a game or sum?? ~Me: of basketball? (he was playing basketball earlier) ~Him: no i just came in i mean t or d or 21 questions. ~Me: oh i was aboutta say "nah i suck" lmao and honestly, just tryna keep conversation, but yknow, i cant people to people so its kinda hard peopleling. ~Him: what. ~Me: i suck at texting ok. ~Him: lmao.
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Why couldn't

you Prove

them WRONG?



That awkward moment when Caitlyn Jenner makes a prettier girl than you.
That awkward momment when you shout out the wrong part of the song with confidence
that awkward moment when you blurt something out in class...
If anyone in my family ever gave me an actual compliment on the poetry I write, it would be a miracle
I just need to be around people who love coffee and poetry, and words and self expression and creating art.
Because no one in my family is like that at all
It is awkward when you are out getting coffee with a friend
And your friend does not actually drink or like coffee
Like how can you not like coffee?
Its amazing
Especially frozen coffee
I do not really  have close friends, and never when someone tries to be friends with me, I just find it awkward...I literally do not expect people to find me interesting or want to talk to me
I feel so awkward when someone comments on something I have posted. I never know what to reply and if they might take it the wrong way. I am just an awkward person in general so I apologize if I make anyone feel awkward.. I feel like I was born with a curse of awkwardness. Now I feel like I am rambling... I kinda don't want to post this but I feel like whoever is reading this just needs to know. ugh!! I am so unsure what I need to say now. Im awkward and goodbye. Thank you for reading it if you did.
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