Awkward Quotes

One time in seventh grade.... I was doing jump rope in P.E. and my shorts fell off....
I think my friend's little brother likes me and this isn't me being concieted because my friend and her little sister say it all the time I ignored it at first like you guys are crazy but today he was sniffing me o_o FULL ON SNIFFING ME
He's like a little brother to me so I just hope I'm imagining things.

When you're too lazy to forward chain mail
so you die instead.


*Riding in a friend's car listening to 5 seconds of summer while belting out lyrics*
end 1: You look so perfect standing there!
Friend 2: In my Americ-
dad: Wait what?! UNDERWEAR?
our of us: Ummm uh 
Me: *in my head* sh-t sh-t sh-t
d 1: Umm it's about how even though this girl wears some hideous looking clothes because come on american apparel.. umm she still looks awesome and that no matter what she wears she looks beautiful and the guy just wants to tell her that. The moral of the story is that no matter what girls wear they are still absolutely perfect even with their flaws or bad under garment choices and any guy would fall in love with her despite that. 
Four of us: AMEN! Amen to that!

And tha
t is the story of how we dodged an awkward interrogation and/or a ban from listening to our music from friend's dad.

Last year I was sorted into Hufflepuff on Pottermore, I recently forgot my password so I just made a new account and was sorted into Slytherin. If that doesn't tell you how much I've changed in the past year, I don't know what will.

Do you have an account? What house are you lovely people in? :)
The awkward moment when you can't understand someone even though they repeated themselves 5 times.

that awkward stage in a friendship when you've talked a few
times but you don't know if you can be an ásshole to them yet???

people who open the door for youĀ when you're still 20 yards away, forcing you into an awkward jog of gratitude
The awkward moment when the only thing you know on your test is your name.

One time I accidently bumped into my crush's little sister while she was on crutches and knocked her to the ground. She then a lot. And that pretty much sums up my life story.

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