Awkwardness Quotes

You know what never gets awkward? Talking about things other people did that got awkward.

Sometimes there is such beauty in awkwardness. There’s love and emotion trying to express itself, but at the time, it just ends up being awkward.


I can't take my eyes off you.... well until you happen to look at me then I turn away because I'm socially awkward and shy like that


That awkward moment when your ex text you.....
I was dropped as a baby into a pool of awesomeness and glitter. haha just kidding it was awkwardness and cats.
Me trys to do evil laugh
My brother:that's an evil man laugh
Me:I am an evil man 

I'm  so awkward it's not funny

I like being quiet
I like being thoughtful
I like spending time on my own
and i hope that if we ever do meet
you will accept me for that.
Social awkwardness included.


I miss him.
I miss the way we used to talk.
I miss the way he gave me butterflies.
I miss the way he used to talk me out of doing stupid things.
I miss the way  I could trust him with everything.
I miss the way he gave me advice.
Even though he's not gone I've lost him. He hates me and he barley talks to me. I miss him so much and it hurts.
Me: *about to tell my mom a joke that I found after like 4 hours on the computer*
Me: I found this joke..... somewhere.
My mind: You mean you found it after 4 hours looking through witty holed up in your room?
Me: Yep.... somewhere....
I've never even been kissed and I'm in high school. Okay so obviously the reason for this is beacuse the aura of beauty that surrounds me is so intensely bright that it would temporarily blind any guy that looks at me directly, so even if he wanted to kiss me he couldn't because he couldn't look at me directly. Well it's either that or I'm a freakish potato. Oh well.
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