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you can break my heart in two
but when it heals it beats for you

Since 2012-2013, for me i guess it's safe to say, Not many come on anymore. Sometimes that makes me happy, sometimes that makes me sad. Happy because maybe the day everyone comes back will be the day i surpass whatever i can't handle and no one will be able to witness. Sometimes sad because even though few come on, Witty was an...still is an awesome place, we all helped each other, felt for each other...We still do that today but Witty isn't dead yet. I kinda wanna repopulate witty lol

When you're struggling with something,
look at all the people around you and realize that every single person you see is struggling with something.

and to them it's just as hard as what you're going through♥

- Dear John


everything is nothing without you

my bright is too slight
to hold back all my dark

Hey everyone! I used to have an account on here under the name "whaddupkatie." I can't remember the password for it, so I made a new account. Glad to be back on. :) 

Hey all how have things been?! Been awhile since ive been on! Hope everyone is doing good! If your not hope you feel better and remember someone loves you! 😃

there was a time when I was alone
nowhere to go and no place to call home
my only friend was the man in the moon
and even sometimes he would go away, too

"A chief reason for an unrealistic price rise, inflation, poor employment generation & economic recession is ‘Right Person in Wrong Position’ leading to implementation of ineffective policy & defective strategy and thereby imperilling the GDP (Growth, Development & Progress) of the nation."
~Anuj Somany


why a person who puts always own benefits first in a job before the company’s interest, often spends the tenure longest and enjoy the time fullest as an employee in an organisation."

~Anuj Somany
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