Bagels Quotes

What kind of bagel can fly?

A plain bagel.

You're welcome.

Multi-cultural relationship problems...

You can never talk about food. Ever. Because they have no idea what a bagel is and everything they eat seems to be some giant typo. Or they try to compare oreos to bread and you just there like no, please stop.




one time i was really sad and i decided to put cream cheese and bagels in a blender to see if i could make a bagel smoothie and when my father asked why i was putting bagels in the blender at 2 in the morning i just started crying hysterically

*just accurately described what it's like to be on your period*
feelings suck i wish i was a bagel

Each individual Cheerio is
a dehydrated bagel.

this is my theory

Eating a bagel and wishing it was a donut....
Is it just me that feels that way sometimes??
Why do you call seagulls, seagulls?
Because they live by the sea.
If they lived by the bay, we'd call them....

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