Balance Quotes

Throxymoron n.  A three-way oxymoron (ex. 'work-life balance').
I want to love you without clutching, appreciate you without judging, join you without invading, invite you without demanding, leave you without guilt, criticize you without blaming, and help you without insulting. If I can have the same from you, then we can truly meet and enrich each other.
In the days of Kings and Queens I was a jester
Treat me like a God, or they treat me like a leper
You see me move back and forth between both
I'm trying to find a balance
Balance is key. In everything you do. Dance all night long and practice yoga the next day. Drink wine but don’t forget your green juice. Eat chocolate when your heart wants it and kale salad when your body needs it. Wear high heels on Saturday and walk barefoot on Sunday. Go shopping at the mall and then sit down and meditate in your bedroom. Live high and low. Move and stay still. Embrace all sides of who you are and live your authentic truth! Be brave and bold and spontaneous and loud and let that complement your abilities to find silence and patience and modesty and peace. Aim for balance. Make your own rules and don’t let anybody tell you how to live according to theirs.

—Rachel Brathen


But how do you find the right people – how do you love without smothering them? How do you not suffocate them with all the love you’ve built up in their absence?


Every day a struggle to strike a graceful balance between Liz Lemon and Stevie Nicks.

Everything is a balance.

Yin // Yang
Hard // Soft
Evil / Good
Dark // Light
Sad // Happy
Woman // Man
Black /// White

None of these things would exist without each other.
To know this, we must first realize it is because everything is a balance.

my quote

life is like riding a bicycle,
to keep your balance, you must keep moving.
                                                          -albert einstein
Stars can't shine
                    without darkness
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No matter how you feel. No matter what you do. Something good will come. Something bad will happen. Don't despair or dwell on the negative. For everything balances out in the end. For everything bad, there is something good. For everything ugly, there is something beautiful. For every imperfection is a piece of perfection. There is always good and bad. Just look at the bright side.
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