Battlescars Quotes

"I'll carry you home, you're NOT alone."
I wish that the good outweighed the bad, cause it'll never be over.. until you tell me it's over.

We've all got battle scars

is so much stronger than fear
Do you remember when we learned how to fly?
We'd play make-believe
We were young and had time on our side
You're stuck on the ground
Got lost, can't be found.
Just remember that you're still alive.
We roll in the dark ā˜¾
and are forever stained red
covered in battle scars
"What are these scars from?" she asked. "They're battle wounds," I replied. She looked at me for a long time. "Who were you battling?" 
Stick to your guns, you are worth fighting for♥

So they picked up their armor, and they went to do battle,
with all of their demons and all their monsters of past lives,
And they don't run from this, like they did when they were kids,
Because to not have some battle scars is to never have lived.

Paradise Fears- Battle Scars

Holy Bejebuz. How did I not know this was coming out? Listening to it for the first time right now, fighting back tears. Just listen to these lyrics from the intro:

"This is a call to arms for the poets that are inside of us. This is shedding our skin, and breaking the chains that are binding us."

"This is the war raging inside of me when I told you all that I was fine. You taught me never underestimate the power of ten thousand hearts that are beating in time."

"Cause there’s mercy in the verse,
a story in the chorus,
a bridge to get over the sea of doubt before us."

"It’s all not perfect. We need music to save us; spinning the soundtrack to our beautiful chaos. Imperfect existence: just grab it and own it and I swear to God you’ll have it all in that moment."

"So take every picture of your perfect life…
You can splatter it with color and the paint will dry...
You can throw it in the air and you can watch it fly...
Just for one last time squeeze it very, very tight…
And let it go."

Go buy it, Best 5 doallars you will ever spend. :)
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